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Gail (August 12 2013)

Today is Monday August 12 2013. 

Today is the day Gail died.  She was a complete sweetheart, and someone who will live on in my heart and my warmest memories.   I’ll miss her gentle heart and her playful sassy attitude.

Muscular dystrophy has robbed the world of one of it’s finest people.  She packed so much life into a short 39 years. That was Gail’s way, full speed all the way.

Love you


The deadly balance (May 18 2012)

Seemingly endless

Did you get the memo?  Life is struggle and bullshit, in case you missed that little detail.

A buddy of mine, a friend a year younger then I am had a heart attack last night.  It was a “minor heart attack”  I know how the word ‘minor’ applies, but ‘minor heart attack’ still sounds like some twisted oxymoron.

Yes.. too much shit happens, and there comes a point where if you can’t fix the trouble your body bitch slaps you.  My friend will be out of the hospital in a few days, I hope.  But will it matter much if the shit that caused the problem remains and festers?

Family (April 1 2012)

My Uncles

On May 31, my Uncle died.  He was in his 80’s and scummed to pancreatic cancer.  It had been years since we had seen each other, as we live far from each other in this vast country.  My thoughts go back to my teens, when he, my Aunt and Cousin used to visit us for a week in summer.  This continued for a few years.  I came to appreciate my uncle in ways that I could not as a little boy.  He was a thinker.  Ask a question, and expect a wait. There were pauses, in his conversation, as he thought before he spoke.  For me, the was ‘think before you speak’ in action.  It impressed me as being quite effective in keeping people’s attention.  Someday..  I’ll learn to do it right.

I’ll miss that, and his sneaky wit, and the way he laughed so completely when something struck him funny. I’ll miss a lot of things about him.

Last night my brother came by and we raised a few glasses to my Uncle, and shared our stories about him.  That was just the thing to do.  I think we both needed it.

My worry now is for my Dad.  He has lost a brother.

Here’s to you both

Update: I found out just two days ago that another Uncle has died.  Uncle Alan.  He died while riding a city bus on April 11 2012

I realy realy hate this time (May/April 2012)  My dark side wonders, how many more will die before the year is out.  Fuck.

Miss them both

Norm (posted May 17 2011)

It’s Tuesday May 17 2011  11:44 AM

I found out about an hour ago that a long time friend, died in his sleep over night.  At least he went peacefully, and he deserved some peace.  The last ten years have been hard on Normand, he had a list of health problems that cropped up.  Even so, he kept plugging away..finding ways to stay busy and working on computers.  We had spent many hours talking about Linux, and just joking around too..

My concern now is for Darlene, his wife..  she has a number of health troubles too, and I always saw Norm as her rock.  I hope she has lots of people to lean on and check on her every day..    She and Norm are on the other side of Canada from me.  I can’t just pop in.

Damn!  Damn!!  I miss my friend..


I was thinking, tonight I’l have a beer or two in honor of Norm.  Norm was in  A A  since before we met.  But I think Norn’s off center sense of humor would appreciate the irony.

Deaths & Bullshit

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Nov 9


Why is that they are so far away?

Raw, energetic, and so much fun

Satan and Adam


The original ” I Want To Hold Your Hand”  No doubt it was a happy, upbeat song, right?  Here is T.V. Caprio in “Across the Universe”  Who turns this happy song upside down.  It becomes a song of isolation and wanting, and it works perfectly.


Elizabeth Gillies   “For No One” 

Now and then, a talent just matches up with a song



Without You

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